The average adult spends over 11 hours per day watching videos and close to zero hours per day in a typical retail store. Contextual Prime Video gives retailers a turn-key platform to stream licensed content contextually matched to their online catalogs and revealed when customers click ‘pause’. The pause button is now a magical new way for video viewers to discover products they can purchase. With Contextual Prime Video on their websites and apps, retailers give their customers a reason to ‘hang out’ in their shop for hours a day — driving engagement, discovery, and sales. Contextual Prime Video puts your store in every story.

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    1. Assess the feasibility, and analyze the costs/benefits and product roadmaps of three strategies for the deployment of a white-labelled Contextual Prime Video (CPV).
    2. Your CPV will include the utility which enables viewers to watch licensed TV shows and movies, click pause at any time and view, save and/or buy items they see in the paused scene directly from Retailer’s online store (shopping-enabled on pause).
    3. Deliverables will be based on custom integration with your existing business channels, infrastructures, and objectives.

Consulting Deliverables

    1. Strategy 1, Minimum Viable Product – This will be the lowest cost strategy with a minimum feature set for OTT platforms and streaming apps, a minimum variety of targeted shows/movies, corresponding business infrastructure and operational costs, plus ROI projections.
    2. Strategy 2, Intermediate – This will be the middle budget strategy with modest sized catalog of shoppable shows/movies, modest feature set and corresponding business infrastructure and operational costs, plus ROI projections.
    3. Strategy 3, Gold-Standard – This will be the high budget with a large catalog of shoppable shows/movies, full breadth of app features, corresponding infrastructure and operational costs, plus ROI projections.

Included components:

      • Native OTT streaming video platform(s)
      • Video content integration with online catalog to enable contextual buying in every scene
      • On-pause product matching embedded in licensed TV shows and movies
      • User functionality includes view, save and buy items in paused scenes
      • Advertising infrastructure and technology platform that can track and  charge participating brands for product placements within video
      • Licensing main-stream television and movies
      • Cost-effective 3rd party technology and platform providers

Phase 1 Technology Deliverable

Custom-branded prototype of video platform and streaming video app with functioning contextual pause ads from Retailer’s online catalog.


  • Time: 4 Weeks
  • Estimated hours: 400


  • Blended Hourly Rate: $200
  • Expenses: Billed separately
  • Retainer: $80,000



    1. Launch fully branded version of Contextual Prime Video (CPV)

Deployment Deliverables

    1. Rapid deployment of streaming video infrastructure with product catalog integration
    2. Development of multi-platform streaming apps (iOS, Android, tvOS, others)
    3. Content deployment – develop targeted content strategy (choosing content strategically beneficial to shopping)
    4. Content acquisition – manage contract negotiations for content licensing to include revenue shares on pause ad revenue
    5. Video content tagging infrastructure and deployment
    6. Deploy digital ad network for brand revenue
    7. Work with client teams to integrate VBD into existing business structure
    8. Create automated purchase-intent remarketing platform
    9. Continue to update product roadmap for future improvements
    10. Work with client teams on marketing and PR strategies/rollouts


  • Time: 3-6 Months
  • Estimated hours: 640/month


  • Blended Hourly Rate: $200
  • Expenses: Billed separately
  • Video rights, platform licensing, hosting services and legal expenses will be dependent on strategy chosen
  • Monthly Retainer: $128,000


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